El Professor, Nairobi and Bogota live Singing Bella Ciao

  • Derek Tabamo
    Derek Tabamo

    I am wishing for Nairobi's comeback

    • Angelica Rojas
      Angelica Rojas

      @Pelin x when she got shot i cried 🥺

    • Lär C
      Lär C

      Derek Tabamo I don’t think so 😔

    • vashish Ramnarine
      vashish Ramnarine

      @THE GOAT bro there can be flashbacks and there most likely will be

    • THE GOAT
      THE GOAT

      Derek Tabamo how is this possible she gets shot in the head

    • THE GOAT
      THE GOAT

      Storm Z she’s deaddddddd

  • Indira Killen
    Indira Killen

    Love Bogota, Oslo, Helsi, Nairobi, Lisbon, Moscow and the Professor. They are so freaking nice and amazing actors.

  • Lily x
    Lily x

    Rip Nairobi😔💔

  • Nehila Parvin
    Nehila Parvin

    Nairobi miss you. Professor ❤️

  • Tamika Reason
    Tamika Reason

    Well Dressed. Love Nairobi outfit.

  • Gabriel Rubinoff
    Gabriel Rubinoff

    I watched Money Heist in English... THEY SOUND SO WEIRD IN SPANISH LMAOOOOOO

  • wavey_nothing

    I had my mind set on learning French but know it’s Spanish just due to money heist

    • Bryant Louie
      Bryant Louie

      Technically italian

  • wavey_nothing

    Those 71 dislikes are the hostages from the mint and bank

  • Edurne Bastida
    Edurne Bastida

    I the tittle you dont put helsinki

  • N D
    N D

    Berlin is best actor,any doubt? He is always calm during hard situation and I like it😎😎

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation

    Does anyone else hum this now when they walk into a bank? 🤣

  • Sal A
    Sal A

    The Professor is fine as hell

  • raju johanson
    raju johanson

    ##Nairobii❤️❤️❤️💔💔💔 without you in the series, it is....💔💔

  • Анна Сабаева
    Анна Сабаева

    Русские,вы где

  • Francesco Bertagna
    Francesco Bertagna

    Quanto czz è pheega alba flores

  • stan mamamoo
    stan mamamoo


  • Mihkah Ton
    Mihkah Ton

    I wish there is a english subtitle.

  • Dominik Szucs
    Dominik Szucs

    I don't know what are they talking but i like how they talk

  • Subhalagna Khuntia
    Subhalagna Khuntia

    Please add English subtitles with it . Thanks in advance :)

  • Marko Nikolić
    Marko Nikolić

    Gotta love these guys

  • tornike baxtidze
    tornike baxtidze


  • Zuzanna Jaśko
    Zuzanna Jaśko

    Where tokyo, Rio and Denver!?

    • Nicole Majewska
      Nicole Majewska

      And Berlin!

  • Ocean Void
    Ocean Void

    Professor looks like he wants to go home and eat a pizza the whole time

  • Francesco Favero
    Francesco Favero

    As an Italian, the way they treated this song in this song here really embarrasses me. They have completely distorted the true mining of this historical Italian song. They have just stolen part of a population’s historical identity

    • Declan Patterson
      Declan Patterson

      And as an Englishman I don’t give one. You still annoyed that big Benito was completely useless and surrendered so soon?

    • sydandtaytum

      how so? the original song is anti-establishment. so is the meaning it has in 'casa de papel'.

  • Sahmar Ekberzade
    Sahmar Ekberzade

    Nairobi looks like mia khalifa

  • JEN BM
    JEN BM

    Berlin reminds me this song🥰

  • Leo •
    Leo •

    My favourite is Helsinki.

  • Leonce Pereira
    Leonce Pereira

    Professor had already planned that you will be here

  • Maniara Chowdhury
    Maniara Chowdhury

    Alba Flores damn.

  • Gabswabs Labs
    Gabswabs Labs

    Lo que entendi: repartidano calaridamo de balle ciao bella ciao bella ciao ciao ciao mereter ter martillano te dara la libertad 😂😂

  • Cristina Basong
    Cristina Basong

    I remember how sad when Nairobi fight for her life 😭 but in the end she died .. I miss Nairobi

  • ManuelPT37

    Excellent, Bogotá one of the best greetings from Bogotá (Colombia) 🇨🇴

  • ManuelPT37

    Este Vídeo fue hecho en Bogotá (Colombia) 🇨🇴

  • Carlitas Braia
    Carlitas Braia

    And helsinki

  • Vishnu Prasad
    Vishnu Prasad

    I feel bad for Helsinki, he's always left out😢


    Who thinks professor is the best actor in money heist 👇👇👇

    • The Champ
      The Champ

      Nairobi is lol

    • Kartik Nayyar
      Kartik Nayyar

      Berlin is ❤️

  • Hania Scigacz
    Hania Scigacz

    Corona wirus

  • Gieona Vlogsss
    Gieona Vlogsss

    wheres tokyo i mean in the intro of money heist Toyko Was there i mean- NVM I love nairobi

  • Aaryan SHARMA
    Aaryan SHARMA

    Wow, there actually there!!

  • Vicky Victoria
    Vicky Victoria

    Damn the Professor is so fine 😩😍

    • sasha monique
      sasha monique

      ikr 😍😍

  • Carson Hensler
    Carson Hensler

    Damn no rep for helsinki in the title

  • jagdamba gupta
    jagdamba gupta


  • S park
    S park

    Professor is my crush lol

  • Namya Shree
    Namya Shree

    I am a die hard fan of professor.......

  • harshada bhoir
    harshada bhoir

    love u professor💖💖

  • broke Engineer
    broke Engineer

    Ok, I don't understand for shit.😂. Just wanted to here their real voices

  • Wiktoria

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> profesor oglądał dużo koncertów Zenona Martyniuka

  • Lynda Lyndsay
    Lynda Lyndsay


  • martines_ music
    martines_ music

    Love is this❤

  • Walid Sarwat
    Walid Sarwat

    Ai like lacasa da papel

  • Kelvin Rodriguez
    Kelvin Rodriguez

    this song makes me wanna rob a bank

    • 7th Division leader Ishiguro
      7th Division leader Ishiguro

      I'll be the dirt you're going to dig. I'll wait for you guys

    • amour cloud
      amour cloud

      @Saad Naeem hahahha ok

    • Saad Naeem
      Saad Naeem

      @HelpMeSary you down to join might be fun

    • HelpMeSary

      @Saad Naeem v cool

    • Saad Naeem
      Saad Naeem

      @Imogen Arthur lets goooo im thinking of making a discord where we can just play around with bs plans

  • Your Local samboosa
    Your Local samboosa

    Who is Bogota

  • Fadi hh
    Fadi hh

    Berlin offcorse n big like for Gandia guerrero capitán de locura👌

  • ツWilson ツ
    ツWilson ツ

    I cried for a solid hour when Nairobi died she was my favourite

    • skidypap pap
      skidypap pap

      Ah shit

    • raju johanson
      raju johanson

      me too mahn

    • Ash

      I needed a few days but now I know she died man

    • Imogen Arthur
      Imogen Arthur

      Damn gotta spoil it like dah☹️

    • MusicalMelll!!

      @ツWilson ツ I just reached season 3 hahahah, it's alright though 😆✌🏽

  • Im Mystic
    Im Mystic

    How about denver and berlin tokyo and palermo

  • Vin Petrol
    Vin Petrol

    I absolutely wish Berlin was there.

    • Christopher Lena
      Christopher Lena

      Bruh yess

  • Lauren Contreras
    Lauren Contreras

    I need part 5!

  • Minerx Thomas
    Minerx Thomas

    The professor planed your arrival

  • Nick Uhhuh
    Nick Uhhuh

    I wish I new what they r say

  • The Panache
    The Panache

    I don't understand a word! But them being together on a stage gives me Goosebumps!

    • Lucie Finch
      Lucie Finch

      Bella ciao means ‘goodbye beautiful’ i think lol

    • Thomas 512
      Thomas 512

      It's An italian song of WWII and It tells the story of a soldier.

    • Cha0s Rize2795
      Cha0s Rize2795

      Hahah I don’t either

    • Minerx Thomas
      Minerx Thomas

      The Panache the professor planed you would comment this

  • statensown25

    Crazy fan of the show

  • Bharath Kulkarni
    Bharath Kulkarni

    plsofts.info/hd/wideo/lrTLqKyqYXyY2LE Click to hear bella ciao piano version

  • lizzy me
    lizzy me

    Donde diablos está Berlín

  • Nathan Humes
    Nathan Humes

    Ya know.... I've literally only noticed the guy in the bg dancing. That's Bogota right? It took me about 15 repeat viewings to even notice. Fuck, I gotta stop smoking pot.

  • Capture Pro Gaming
    Capture Pro Gaming

    i didnt understand anything but sunke acha laga😂

  • Simba Makuni
    Simba Makuni

    Wheres Gandia

  • Simba Makuni
    Simba Makuni

    Nairobi....your voice melts all my sadness......from Zimbabwe....Africa

  • Thàrákà peìrìs
    Thàrákà peìrìs

    So in love 💝

  • Challenge Masters
    Challenge Masters

    Nairobi- La puta amo

    • Radu Popa
      Radu Popa

      La puta ama not amo it means the fucking boss

  • Challenge Masters
    Challenge Masters

    Where was this and when?

  • Jensen RT
    Jensen RT

    16 dislikes r from Arturo's Fans

  • Yeye Manaois
    Yeye Manaois

    Buenas Diaz Me Amor , Nairobi and El Professor. From the Philippines!


    You forgot to menion helsinki

    • chatwincos.

      omg, yu tendo xD

  • Ainur Sartova
    Ainur Sartova

    El Professor ❤️

    • James Sandford
      James Sandford


  • Maria Paula
    Maria Paula

    Weres tokio?

  • Raghav Upadhyay
    Raghav Upadhyay

    I sing this in bank Now I'm in jail

    • Sabine Carla Saintilma
      Sabine Carla Saintilma


  • Arianna Ciriello
    Arianna Ciriello

    Nairovbi. Ritorna. Viva. Nel. Film

  • Joice Thomas
    Joice Thomas

    Omg , i loveee u professor , ur my biggest crush ever

    • Revolve

      Calm down joice

  • Fuck the birds
    Fuck the birds

    9 dislikes from arturitos different accounts

  • Preeti Singh India
    Preeti Singh India

    I think professor is shy in real life too 😂😂😂

    • M A.
      M A.

      He is Le professor

    • Hamada -
      Hamada -

      He is My Favorite

    • Jennyva Is a pogue
      Jennyva Is a pogue

      Jack Evans Y E S!😊😂

    • Jack Evans
      Jack Evans

      I’m a pogue Not a kook if yk then yk pouge for life

    • Nawaz siddiqui
      Nawaz siddiqui