Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette
HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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  • Jessi Smith
    Jessi Smith

    Jeffree my Cremated showed up yesterday and you did that 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Palm Beach GIRL
    Palm Beach GIRL

    I think it's perfect timing.

  • Amanda Ponce
    Amanda Ponce


  • Cody Waymire
    Cody Waymire

    How do you get the filter on snap?

  • Fallen_ Angel
    Fallen_ Angel

    People need to stop hating it’s a cool ass make up palette and if you don’t like it than that’s your problem

  • sassyvtmom2009

    The blood line is in ⚰ coffins. This would been awesome in a ⚱ urn shape box!!

  • Rebecca c
    Rebecca c

    No one: Jeffree during the pandemics global crisis: mi father and my dog were cRemaTeDd so I'm allowed to glamorize death and CreMaTion

  • Kamehame Jenna
    Kamehame Jenna

    I’m one of those weirdos. The “normal” people are the ones bitchin bout the name of the palette.

  • Caroline Phelps
    Caroline Phelps

    People have more time on their hands so they are under pressure, so they have more time to hate just a fact

  • PunkinPink

    @jeffreestar you should check out Poppy 's new album same vibes!

  • Cursed Cherokee
    Cursed Cherokee

    Anyone know what song is playing during the speed up parts of the of tutorials?

  • Nichole Rios
    Nichole Rios

    Detox did it better

  • Rick James
    Rick James

    Straight demonic! Now I see why the satanic Church says 80percent of it's members are LGBT ...a very dark and twisted lifestyle

  • Carol Ann Ardolino
    Carol Ann Ardolino

    The look is disgusting just like your soul.

  • Akku jelly Vloger
    Akku jelly Vloger

    LGBT 🥴🤢🤮

  • Sam Francis
    Sam Francis

    This look also gives me black swan vibes 🖤 love it!

  • Madison c:
    Madison c:

    Cremated is offending all of these people because of the name. How come diabetics aren't offended by blood sugar then.!?!?

  • Yuranan Yod Sribura
    Yuranan Yod Sribura


  • Shane Pratt
    Shane Pratt

    Why does Jeffree look iconic with and without tattoos? My queen ❤️

  • shahnaz aslam
    shahnaz aslam

    You are the wrose

  • Amy Kechedjian
    Amy Kechedjian

    I really appreciate you Jeffree! Thank you for making the palette of my dreams! Waiting to restock but unbelievably excited. Be safe and sending love your way during this time! Xoxo

  • Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy

    lipstick nick is legendary

  • wilde wathne
    wilde wathne

    I feel like the only ones who thought negatively over this pallet doesn’t even know who Jeffrey are... people always try so hard to make everything offensive or about them. So much NEGATIVITY aaah 😅

  • Victoria Rich Dela Rosa
    Victoria Rich Dela Rosa

    Can you imagine if jeffree will make a nude pallet and call it SCANDAL.😂😂😂😂

  • Hannah Goodwin
    Hannah Goodwin

    OMG girl I want this pallet so bad I love it when you work in the public like I do you want the grays and blacks because even though the wild colors are beautiful expressions the people that I work with are older and the wild colors offend them some so this pallet is definitely on my wish list

  • Jayson Angeles
    Jayson Angeles

    ang. ganda.

  • Trashii

    Are u girl

  • Wandering Winona 🪐
    Wandering Winona 🪐

    I truly believe death, along with sex and gender, should be the main topics that discussed with kids at a young age. Parents and families explaining this to children will allow them to grow up more responsibly and ready to tackle any issues that come up in their adult life. I really think a solid childhood and support system will allow all these systematic societal issues to disappear. It all starts at home.

  • chaedogg702

    Only thing I will say is haters are going to hate but the final number which is the sales that will matter to me. Hopefully it did well

  • rawas matt
    rawas matt

    I love how well spoken and digressive your message to your fans! Way to go Jeffy! I can’t wait to see what is coming next!!

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    Such a toxic thing.

  • Kelly O'Brien
    Kelly O'Brien

    Tradition! Yikes 😬

  • Queen stoner 4:20
    Queen stoner 4:20

    Iv always feel like I don't fit in so makeup is like my healing kinda. But I can't afford makeup so I use what makeup I have. If I ever had the chance to meet Jeffrey star I would want a makeover from the Queen Jeffrey STAR. I don't think I'm beautiful I never have and idk maybe one day I'll believe I'm beautiful. But Jeffrey star is my role model ❤️ and I wish i could meet Jeffreystar.

  • Irasema Cabrera
    Irasema Cabrera

    Beautiful just beautiful!!

  • oooo78

    i see nothing wrong. jeff keep doin what you doin girl!!! im goin to cremate my mother too in the future. she even picked out a stuffed toy to put her "soul" in lol alright alright!

  • channel is ded thx
    channel is ded thx

    Can you respond to the backlash over you calling your entire past a dark time, having a n*zi themed makeup palette you tried to hide and covering the truth about b*tdf (things are censored in case he uses filters lol)

    • Irah Chelle Ang Khi
      Irah Chelle Ang Khi


  • Ella Walls
    Ella Walls

    I love the name and theme. I think it went great with colors. He should do a Tim Burton line! Colors based off his movie. I swear this pallet made me think of Time Burton.

  • Haitian Creole With Luciano
    Haitian Creole With Luciano

    *I’m offended on your behalf*

  • Melissa Tracy
    Melissa Tracy

    I bet people will be doing this look for Halloween

  • luis romero
    luis romero

    Saludos cordiales

  • Vannah Rose
    Vannah Rose

    Lolol this make up look isn’t fucking it

  • JoJo Bear
    JoJo Bear

    Girl its fierce.. never mind the haters.

  • Kayla Brown
    Kayla Brown

    Is this collection going to be permanent? I hope so! ❤

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour

    into the emergency room while everything was dark and thats all i remember. Im proud of you if you read all that i know it was long lol.

  • mimi khaute
    mimi khaute


  • youlo yolo
    youlo yolo

    i’m dyslexic and i’m offended by palettes with words

  • Adrian 1996
    Adrian 1996

    Jesus Christ La llorona 🤣, it looks really cool

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour

      Jeffrey is girl or boy?

  • Honey Stiletto
    Honey Stiletto

    Sigh... Jeffree, you know people are gonna stay forever popping shit about everything! You just keep doing you ‘cause you do it SO WELL❤️❤️❤️

  • Lorena Paola
    Lorena Paola


  • Sarah Petto
    Sarah Petto

    I'm dyslexic I totally understand I could say /spell something one minute and the next second I can't.

  • Bilmem Ki
    Bilmem Ki

    You're gay

  • tch071

    I love this palette! People are being a little too much. Me and my little girl adore you always!!! Let it slide off of ya like water off a ducks back.

  • Javi gonzalez
    Javi gonzalez

    Most of my family who has passed away has been cremated, and I am not offended by the name of the palette, also I do not understand how people do not understand that the creation of this palette started long before this pandemic so they should not relate it to each other... I still think the palette is beautiful and it's a shame that Jeffree receives this amount of hate just because everyone tends to over-analyze everything, it's just a palette you guys :(

  • Samantha Schoeler
    Samantha Schoeler

    God I love you Jeffree 😍 you are so fucking gorgeous and fabulous yet raunchy and twisted at the same time which I fucking love 💘

  • Kuzey ÜNAL
    Kuzey ÜNAL

    La bu kerimcan malına benziyo

  • Rachel Henke
    Rachel Henke

    Ordered mine as soon as the launch hit. Got it in the mail today. Freaking yes sis!! No REGRETS. Would buy again if I could. P.S please tell me you're going to be producing more of your lipstick weirdo!!! I was lucky to get the palette but not the lipstick. Talk about bittersweet.

  • severina zink
    severina zink

    Damn jeffrey-lynn is lit 😆

  • lifetime reacts
    lifetime reacts

    Im i the only one who thinks they should socual distance bc do they even live together??

  • JohnnieVision

    I need to pretend I am gay so I can get 18 Million Subs

  • Illuos1ion


  • Amanda Mosher
    Amanda Mosher

    Jefree ur makeup looks amazing


    Jeffrey is girl or boy?

  • Cath Sharp
    Cath Sharp

    Anyone just watch the explanation and skip the tutorial?

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    f#%cking exhausting!!!

  • dinaara jayme
    dinaara jayme

    im fat and im offended by food

  • Rand Adera
    Rand Adera

    You So Crezy But ILove You❤❤

  • Pop Mary
    Pop Mary

    You should have called it - Platinum - from the first place - but oh well too late

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      I would love it if she went over again and used at least one thing from each of his palettes on him. Dress that girrrrl up!

  • Zhino Jamal DIY
    Zhino Jamal DIY

    You grel

  • Linnéa Backelund
    Linnéa Backelund

    You are my god

  • Taha Muslim
    Taha Muslim


  • الباشا نعم
    الباشا نعم

    زين سؤال هم تجيك؟؟

  • Alaa Suhaill
    Alaa Suhaill

    حكو. بلعربي

  • Alaa Suhaill
    Alaa Suhaill

    ض Wdtvvgtca4obzccfvaj

  • majesty quin
    majesty quin

    i know that dress is karma 🎶

  • Lolgaming19Brawlstars


  • Emirhan Kahya V2
    Emirhan Kahya V2

    Bitch geğğ

  • Allison Nicole
    Allison Nicole

    The first time my friend told me I was like “it takes so long to make a palette do you really think that Jeffree star himself would throw anything together that quick? People pressed”

  • Kizzy Urquhart
    Kizzy Urquhart

    goog happy

  • Eva Brushey
    Eva Brushey

    Nicole's shirt is perfect.

  • Crying In Aesthetic
    Crying In Aesthetic

    I'm really happy Jeffree's community are really supported including me ofcourse. I just don't get the hate, like cmon people Jeffree worked so hard for this! 💛🖤